Bernoulli Society and Royal Statistical Society David G. Kendall Award for Young Researchers

This biennial joint BS and RSS Award aims to recognize excellent research in Mathematical Statistics and in Probability Theory. The Award is in honor of David G. Kendall, who was the first president of the Bernoulli Society, and was awarded the Guy Medal in Silver (1955) and in Gold (1981) of the RSS.  Nominees should be researchers with significant achievements and great potential in their research field.

The David G. Kendall Award is based on donations, and BS and the Awardees are grateful for your contribution. Donations can be done either through ISI or Royal Statistical Society, which is a registered UK charity.


Eligible candidates are excellent young researchers who:

  1. are working in probability or mathematical statistics
  2. are members of either the BS or the RSS
  3. are within 8 years from getting the PhD to the year when the assessment occurs (An extension may be given to those having had disruptions after receiving the PhD, such as parenthood) 

The award should be used to cover the expenses of attendance at a BS or an RSS conference.

Nominations should be communicated to the Award Committee and be signed by two members of the BS or the RSS. They must include the name, affiliation, and brief curriculum vitae (including a list of publications) of the nominee, a statement of no more than 100 words summarizing the case for nomination, a list of the best 3 articles, and a review of no more than 2 pages of the nominee's research contributions.

The award alternates between the two subjects. Every 4 years the award will be made to a young researcher in Mathematical Statistics and every 4 years to a young researcher in Probability Theory.

The award consists of the prize amount of 2000€ together with an award certificate. 

The Award Lecture will be given at a major BS conference (typically the Bernoulli-IMS World Congress or the ISI WSC) or an RSS conference (as specified by the applicant).

The Kendall Prize Committee

A joint BS-RSS committee will select the winner. This committee will be proposed by BS (2) and RSS (2) Presidents after consultation with the Youth Representatives and the Executive Committees of the two societies.

About David G. Kendall

This award honours the memory of David George Kendall (1918-2007). As noted in the history of the Bernoulli Society, Kendall played a key rôle in founding the Bernoulli Society in 1975, and was its initial president; his personal account of this time may be found in the first Bernoulli Journal issue. Kendall was also a committed and distinguished member of the Royal Statistical Society, holding the Guy Medal in Silver (1955) and in Gold (1981), and presenting five read papers over the course of his career. He was always eager to encourage younger colleagues, and particularly to urge them to travel and make contacts and friendships across the scientific world. For this reason we are confident that he would have been delighted to see awards in his name, designed to encourage and to enable young probabilists and statisticians to participate actively in the international meetings which are so important in the life of our subject.

See also a biographical account by Geoffrey Grimmett.

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