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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.2, No.2, 1995

From the Editor

From the Editor

As you will notice from the reports in this newsletter, we had some very interesting conferences this past summer. The scientific level was excellent, which is what you expect and hope for. But also the fine arts were not neglected. A beautiful poem was written and read out at the opening ceremony of the Singapore conference. I am very pleased that the artist Y.K. Leong allowed me to reprint it in Bernoulli News.

At the Aarhus meeting, following old Danish tradition, we had songs at the conference dinner - admittedly on a lower artistic level. Rather hesitantly, I permitted one into this newsletter, thus giving way to the requests of many of my colleagues (drinking men being not at all my favourite subject).

those of us, who attended the Aarhus meeting, of a wonderful evening. It was a beautiful warm summer evening, the dinner site situated at a small cliff by the sea overlooking the Aarhus bay. Food and atmosphere, everything perfect. An additional reason for bringing the song in Bernoulli News is, admittedly, that both the song and the translation are, in fact, rather cleverly done.

But I would like to ask you to help me and create a counterpart to this song. Not that I want you to write about the drinking habits of famous female scientists, but you could write about positive habits of famous female scientists or even male scientists. Also own new compositions of music are welcome. I promise not only to print your creations of art, but I will also take care that they will be sung at one of the following BS Conferences.

At the Beijing meeting BS also welcomed six new council members and a new president-elect. This important event is documented at various places in this newsletter.

Under the motto "better late than never" the Bernoulli Society now has a World Wide Web site (see p.11)

Naturally, we also want to make Bernoulli News available there; we are currently working on this.

Last but not least I should like to say that this newsletter is joint work with my secretary, Jutta Gonska. Actually, she has done most of the work and I am extremely grateful for her collaboration.

Mainz, 25 November 1995 Claudia Klüppelberg

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