Newsletter of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability

Claudia Klüppelberg
Department of Mathematics
Johannes Gutenberg University
D-55099 Mainz, Germany
phone: +49 6131 39 3332
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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.3, No.1, 1996

From the Editor

From the Editor

As you might already have seen on the front page, this newsletter is now also available on the world wide web (see page 3). This is only the first of several splendid pieces of news. On the same page I have started a list of www addresses, which I hope you find useful. Of course, there are many more good things in the net and I hope you will help me to fill up the list. Email me your favourite!
You will find a further item of good news about this Society on page 6. Volker Mammitzsch, the Membership Secretary, has provided membership statistics of the BS for the few last years. As you can see, the many additional things the Society has offered its members recently, including the new journal BERNOULLI and, of course, this newsletter, has led to a considerable increase. We take this as an incentive to work harder! I take here the opportunity to thank my hard working secretary Jutta Gonska for helping me to prepare this issue.
My last bit of news is brand new: Richard Gill, after five years of dedicated service as Scientific Secretary of the Bernoulli Society, wants to step down from office. As a stroke of luck for the Society, Wilfrid Kendall from Warwick University (UK) is willing to take this burden over. I would like to thank Richard Gill for his collaboration over this newsletter and wish Wilfrid Kendall all the best for the various tasks he is taking over.

An exciting piece of news has arrived, virtually in the last minute.
Willem van Zwet - well-known and in particular involved in the founding of Bernoulli Society - is being decorated by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands with the ``Order of the Netherlands Lion''.
I am sure that all BS members are proud of such an outstanding colleague.

Congratulations to the honoured.

Mainz, May 10, 1996

Claudia Klüppelberg

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