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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.3, No.2, 1996

From the Editor

From the Editor

Let me first of all apologise for the delay in the delivery of the last issue of Bernoulli News. The reason was that Chapman and Hall, who print BERNOULLI and also this Newsletter, forgot to bundle the two together. This was rather unfortunate, in particular since you got all the interesting information on the World Congress in Vienna only after the meeting. Chapman and Hall also regret the delay and they did their best to mail the issue as quickly as possible. Well, if you were so lucky to have been in Vienna, you had a chance to get the newsletter there. Chapman and Hall had a stack at their stand.
The World Congress was a great success, and you will find some reports on this important event right at the beginning of this Newsletter. Since I also wanted to include some photos of the various activities during the meeting, Bernoulli News ``hired'' some photographers, who took many pictures which I intend to spread generously over the next issues. The photos, however, are only available in the printed version of Bernoulli News. Besides Michael Sørensen also Louis Chen, our incoming president, took photos which he kindly shares with all BS members.
Of course you will find a lot of information on forthcoming meetings further on, also reports on committee work, on the journals of BS and a Who is Who in the Society. But let me draw your attention in particular to Topic 4. Many of you have asked yourself or officers of the Bernoulli Society how it can be that an elected member of the ISI with a Bernoulli Society section pays higher dues, but has for instance to purchase a subscription of BERNOULLI, whereas ordinary members of BS get BERNOULLI for free as one of the membership benefits. In his first item our treasurer Joe Eaton explains this in detail. His second item is the Bernoulli Society Outreach Program, which you may have noticed on your invoice for 1997. We very much hope that it finds your approval and support.
As always, my secretary Jutta Gonska and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Mainz, November 8, 1996

Claudia Klüppelberg

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