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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.4, No.2, 1997

From the Editor

From the Editor

Perhaps I should not say this, but in my opinion, this is a particularly interesting and entertaining issue. This very active summer with its various meetings is documented in Section 7. SPA'97 took place under the protecting umbrella of an araucaria tree, and you can see an electronic version on p. 12.

ISI'97 witnessed the change of presidents, Louis Chen followed Jef Teugels; Louis Chen gave a very impressive inaugral speech acknowledging the past changes and indicating exciting future ones including the creation of a new Committee for Probability and Statistics in Biological Sciences. You find his speech printed on p. 1.

In 1998 the International Congress of Mathematicians takes place in Berlin. In this context we print an article on the history of probability and statistics at the past ICM's written by Ulrich Krengel from Göttingen. It is extremely informative to image the development of our field by its contributions to the ICM's.

The Year 2000 promises lots of extremely interesting Conferences and Meetings. The Bernoulli Society celebrates the change of the centennial in great style.

As ever I take pleasure in thanking my hard working secretary Helga Weiss for her work, at the moment in particular over this newsletter.

Munich, November 3, 1997 Claudia Klüppelberg

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