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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.5, No.1, 1998

From the Editor

From the Editor

This is my last issue of Bernoulli News. After four years and eight issues, I hand the task over to my colleague Angelika May. You find a photo of both of us on p.4.

It has been a very exciting time making this Newsletter, each issue was a new adventure. The BS has flourished and grown during these years, embracing the whole world. This has brought me in contact with many new members of BS in all five continents, and I have the feeling that I have, over this newsletter, found many new friends.

As editor of a newsletter one has to rely on ones colleagues to contribute vividly and on time, and I want to thank all of you, who have submitted interesting contributions, given advice and offered various other support.

Angelika May is very enthusiastic about taking on Bernoulli News and I ask you all to support her in any possible way. Since we are at the same University the change should be smooth and without major problems.

Thank you all again for the fruitful cooperation over this newsletter.

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