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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.5, No.2, 1998

From the Editor

From the Editor

Taking over a new task is always exciting. Here it is, my first issue of the Bernoulli Newsletter. At the same time this is my first piece of work as an editor. One reason why life in academia is so attractive and never gets boring is that at every turn one meets new challenges.

The main purpose of my editorial work will be to keep the high standards in content and layout which were set by my predecessor Claudia Klüppelberg. As a novel step, I intend to emphasize one main theme in each issue. As a first step in this direction you may regard the two articles concerning Eastern Europe: Jacek Koronacki's words about reintegration of the Eastern European scientific community on p.1 and the reprint from an article in the Lithuanian newspaper about the Vilnius Conference this summer (p.11).

The viability of this Newsletter will of course depend crucially on your continuing input. Please keep your interesting contributions coming in. Support the Newsletter by submitting reports and announcements (preferably in good time before the deadline...).

I want to express my gratitude to Claudia Klüppelberg for her confidence in me by handing over the editorial responsibility to me. I'll try to do my best, Claudia! I very much appreciate the steady TEX-nical help from Jörg Müller and Helga Weiss.

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