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BERNOULLI NEWS Vol.6, No.2, 1999

From the Editor

From the Editor

Here it is, the last issue of your Newsletter for the 20th century. This time, I decided to focus on Asia. You will find reports on recent conferences in Hanoi and Beijing as well as on the addresses that were given at both locations by our (Past-)President Louis Chen at the opening ceremonies. I agree with Louis Chen that it is important ``to speak about the objectives of the Society in relation to Asia, what the Society has achieved in Asia in recent years, and who had helped in achieving these objectives". Talking about the millennium (you cannot get away with failing to mention it these days), I mention one important topic, namely, the relation between theory and applications that I predict will be an urgent question for all working mathematicians and statisticians in the next decades. From Alfred N. Shiryaev I got to know Chebyshev's viewpoint on that subject; you will it in the first article of this issue.

Of course, a very warm thank you goes to all my coworkers. I would like to mention explicitly Louis Chen and Abdel El-Shaarawi who provided me with the nice photos you will see in this issue. Volker Mammitzsch did a reliable job with his thorough proof-reading and helped me with placing the right numbers at their right places---always a hard job for a mathematician as you all know.

I wish you a Happy New Year---without any Y2K problem. But if you unexpectedly should have any, please take a candlelight with you and the Bernoulli Newsletter, that will help.

I am looking forward very much to welcoming you again on these pages next year.

Bonn, November 1999, Angelika May

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