Working Rules

Working Rules

Bernoulli Society – C(PS)2 Working Rules

The Committee on Probability and Statistics in the Physical Sciences, C(PS)2, one of the standing committees of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability, which in turn is an autonomous association of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), hereby submits to the Executive Committee of the Bernoulli Society the following set of Working Rules, pertaining to the nomination, appointment and term of service of its chair and members, as provisioned by Article VII/7.3 of the Bernoulli Society Statutes (2001):


The chair and members serve for 2 years, with possible extension for a single extra term of 2 years. Each two-year term begins or ends on September 15 of the corresponding years.


Near the end of each term (e.g. a month before), a new chairperson is appointed in succession to the outgoing chair, who occasionally might be reappointed for one more consecutive term of service (4 years total). The process of appointment is as follows: after suitable consultation, the chairperson suggests a list of two or more possibilities to the Bernoulli Society President, who then consults Bernoulli Society Executive Committee to appoint the new chairperson from this list perhaps augmented by suggestions from Executive Committee.

Committee members are nominated by the newly appointed chairperson in consultation with the outgoing chairperson and the Bernoulli Society President, so as to form a moderately sized committee (e.g. 5-10 members), maintaining a balance of geographic, gender, and topical diversity to reasonable extent within the framework of C(PS)2. Subject to approval by the Bernoulli Society Executive Committee, the committee members are then appointed by the Bernoulli Society for a 2- year term.


The mission with which C(PS)2 is charged is to foster interdisciplinary communication of statistical and probabilistic methods and their applications in the realm of Physical Sciences at large (e.g. Geophysics, Biophysics, Astrophysics, etc.). This is accomplished by involvement/participation/initiative in the organization of workshops, conferences or special sessions within major international conferences of mathematical/statistical/physical interest.

The chairperson is responsible for the maintenance of a website, designed under the colours of the Bernoulli Society, designated to report past or recent activities and most importantly to announce planned or current activities, affiliations and other pertinent links of interest.

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