The Latin American Regional Committee (LARC) was created in the 80´s to promote regional cooperation in the fields of probability and mathematical statistics and their applications.

In 2007 the Latin American Chapter of the Bernoulli Society changed its name and structure to Sociedad Latinoamericana de Probabilidad y Estadística Matemática (SLAPEM) and its committee continued being the LARC of the Bernoulli Society. Every member of the Bernoulli Society baring Latin American nationality or Latin American academic affiliation can be joint members BS-SLAPEM at no charge, by filling the SLAPEM's association form here.

Committee members:

Members elected in 2023:

  • Paola Bermolen (Uruguay)
  • José Alexánder Ramírez (Costa Rica)
  • Daniela Rodríguez (Argentina) 
  • Glauco Valle (Brazil)

Members elected in 2021:

  • Arno Siri-Jégousse (México)
  • Inés Armendáriz (Argentina) - Chairwoman
  • Manuel Cabezas (Chile)
  • Stella Brassesco (Venezuela)

Past committee members:

Members elected in 2019:

  • Juan Carlos Abril (Argentina)
  • Maria Eulalia Vares (Brasil)
  • Richard Serrano-Agila (Ecuador)
  • Juan Carlos Pardo Millán (México), Chair LARC-SLAPEM (2021-2023)

Members elected in 2012:

  • Joaquin Fontbona (Chile)
  • Florencia Leonardi (Brasil), Chair LARC-SLAPEM (2019-2021)
  • Ramses Mena (Mexico)
  • Pablo Ferrari (Argentina)

Members elected in 2010:

  • Carenne Ludeña (Venezuela), Chair LARC-SLAPEM (2012-2014)
  • Alicia Carriquiry (USA)
  • Luis Renato Fontes (Brazil)
  • Rolando Rebolledo (Chile)

Members elected in 2007:

  • Claudio Landim (Brazil), Chair LARC-SLAPEM (2010-2012)
  • Daniel Hernández (Mexico)
  • Stella Brassesco (Venezuela)
  • Mario Wschebor (Uruguay)
  • Rafael J. León (Venezuela) Past Chair


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